Worship Videos 2020 archive

Date Youtube video link Sermon Title
12/27/20https://youtu.be/nOKnuwzHbTsGet Ready for a New Thing
12/24/20https://youtu.be/A2h17BZHWqwChristmas Eve Candlelight
12/20/20https://youtu.be/PE9pp8PPHFI4th Sunday of Advent
Oh Little Town Musical
12/13/20https://youtu.be/WHmQXup1kWgAdvent: Joy
12/6/20https://youtu.be/WHmQXup1kWgAdvent: Peace
11/29/20No worship video due to technical difficulties
11/22/20https://youtu.be/rpg0iuThCYAChrist the King & Thanksgiving Sunday
11/15/20https://youtu.be/tXvImAhA3o4A Matter of Choice
11/8/20No worship video due to technical difficulties
Stewardship moment
11/1/20https://youtu.be/jvg2VZKeouoBlessed are we, Who are poor
10/25/20 https://youtu.be/IPjCpM_Ccqo Laity Sunday – A Crown of Righteousness
10/18/20 No video due to technical difficulties
10/11/20 https://youtu.be/NvuWTFzj7XE Lessons from Job: His faith
10/4/20 https://youtu.be/h-yo12C2-Jk Lessons from Job: the Test
9/27/20 https://youtu.be/Xn_cGyDZyrk So Heaven bound, No Earthly Good
9/20/20 https://youtu.be/fTLfV-glwo0 Hemmed in by God
9/13/20 https://youtu.be/SXfzLuobdoQ When I am Weak, Then I am Strong
9/6/20 https://youtu.be/PgVjundhBFI Working for the Lord
8/30/20 https://youtu.be/Ob47MswfksI Never too Old
8/23/20 https://youtu.be/2wOKbU-f5P8 Use It or Lose It part 2
8/16/20 https://youtu.be/5Hf9MRE8ils Use It or Lose It part 1
8/9/20 https://youtu.be/Cteyeutd14o (Fill in Your Name) Come Forth!
8/2/20 https://youtu.be/84cW7jRZ-4M How is Your Connection?
7/26/20 https://youtu.be/YUo7bc0syuA It’s Time to Agree to Disagree
7/19/20 https://youtu.be/oTR4TTvzorY Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving
7/12/20 https://youtu.be/a906SgI08iQ Freedom of Speech?
7/5/20 https://youtu.be/tA9_c8h7rME “Is Heaven for People Like Me?”
6/28/20 https://youtu.be/D_Orx_0IAWE What is Freedom?
6/21/20 https://youtu.be/LroBGbYcexc Children of Loving Father
6/14/20 https://youtu.be/xUrt6hok7O0 Let Peace Begin with Me
6/7/20 https://youtu.be/2_CdAM1n1WA Ordinary Christians
5/31/20 https://youtu.be/yj-cdAzv0x0 Experiencing Your Own Pentecost
5/24/20 https://youtu.be/ozRkkBpehCo No Greater Love
5/17/20 https://youtu.be/ScdOs1WEpwI Be a Tree
5/10/20 https://youtu.be/-H63TUZNqfM The Ideal Woman?
5/3/20 https://youtu.be/3Bms4I03diw Preaching to the Martians
4/26/20 https://youtu.be/Ejk9fUBiyJQ “The Prayer of Moses”
4/19/20 https://youtu.be/3jmD5er4Vb4 Isolated
4/12/20 https://youtu.be/F10NlQsad50 Easter Sunday: Resurrection: from Death to Life
4/10/20 https://youtu.be/Jf7pIKOt6lg Good Friday: The Last 24: Crucifixion
4/5/20 https://youtu.be/0wEVI1FauB8 Palm Sunday: The Last 24: Pilate
3/29/20 https://youtu.be/qZuI_eBmJzQ The Last 24: Herod
3/22/20 https://youtu.be/k2E_7xGqyJo The Last 24: Peter