Covid-19 has definitely had an impact on our normal education offerings, HOWEVER, there are still opportunities for you to participate in Bible Study.

Junior ChapelIf you are attending services, or watching our videos you may have seen our ad for our Junior Chapel. We have been up and running and the kids are enjoying themselves participating in an actual Sunday service of their own.  They also spend a brief period each Sunday with an arts and craft project pertaining to the message they heard that day.  In addition, they are meeting at least once a month (usually on a Saturday) to participate in a mission – type project, or just to have a fun time.  As of September 19th, 2021 Junior Chapel will meet during the 8:30a service only.

Pastor Howie’s Berean’s class meets on Tuesday mornings at 10am and anyone is welcome to join in that class at any time.  He is focusing on his “One Book” theme this year.  This is an exciting and enjoyable class to join in on.

Friday nights the women gather at Shirley Clem’s home for the Hands and Feet of God group.  They enjoy a meal together, have a brief Bible study, then play some cards together.  This is a great, informal way to spend a Friday evening.  If you have questions, or need directions, call or email the church office.

Faithful Followers group meets on Sunday mornings after the 9:30a service.  Anyone is welcome to join them for this class which is led by Pat Horbett.

Men of Faith group will resume meeting on Octover 7th from 3:30p to 5p in the Covert Hall Conference Room.
The eight-week study examines the characteristics Jesus used to define those who follow Him and the implications those have for believers today. What does it mean to be Christian? Curiously, the term is never used in Scripture. Instead, Christian was a label used by outsiders to define Jesus’ followers. Jesus referenced ‘disciple’ as the key word He used to describe His supporters.

Ladies’ 3 R’s Book Club will begin on October 7th from 3:30p to 5p.
The purpose of the group will be fellowship and personal growth.  Participants will read and discuss past and present best sellers (both Christian and secular).  Note: NO provocative subject matter will be read.
Participants will be required to provide their own copy of the book, and reading ahead will be necessary for productive discussions.
The first book the groups will be delving into is “Good Neighbors” by Sarah Langan.  The plot of the book revolves around how neighbors react to a sinkhole.  AARP and Barnes & Noble have recommended the book.  The book is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Books-A-Million and on Kindle.
There is a signup sheet in the Narthex.  Please sign up by September 19th.  It is requested that you read the first three chapters prior to the first meeting, on Thursday, October 7th.

Disciple III Bible Study is looking forward to beginning their study of the Prophets and Letters of Paul on Monday, September 6th (Labor Day). They will meet at noon on the first and second Mondays each month, so as not to conflict with other group meetings, and at 10:00 a.m. on the remaining Mondays each month. Speak with Marie Knoll for more information about this class. This is for people who have completed the Disciple I and II studies.