Safety and Security

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Safety First

During this time of pandemic we are putting the safety of our parishioners at the forefront of everything we do. The CDC and Florida Conference has recently amended their guidance for Covid-19 safety protocols. Fully vaccinated individuals (those that are two weeks after their final dose) are no longer required to wear masks. They are still asked to be socially distant among members of different households. Those that remain unvaccinated are still required to wear masks unless health conditions prevent that. If you fall into this category, we have two sections in the church (to the full left and right side) that you may sit in. We do ask that you wear your mask until you are seated.
Furthermore, with current statements and updates from the CDC, we will no longer be requiring temperature checks.
To read the Florida Conference statement, you can click here.
We are looking forward to the time when none of these restrictions will be necessary any longer.
We have first-aid kits and AEDs located in the Sanctuary and Covert Hall and have members that have been trained in their use.

Masks/Fragrance Free

We offer a fragrance free zone on the right side of the sanctuary, if you have allergies or breathing issues this is an area for you to be seated. We ask that all visitors who sit in this area to be free from any fragrances.
If you have a health issue that prevents you from wearing a mask during this pandemic, we also ask that you sit in the fragrance free area or in the far left area.
Thank you.


All of the church staff and volunteers who hold a key, or work with children are required to attend a child safety workshop and get background checks.
The church has a fire alarm and a security system with cameras so that you can feel secure attending a service or function.

If you have any concerns regarding safety or security please email our trustees at .