Faith Caregivers

Faith Caregivers is a ministry that keeps in touch with church members who are sick, injured, in rehab, in assisted living, or going through a rough situation to remind them that God loves them. We also reach out to our community when we know someone is sick, injured, in rehab, or going through a rough situation. We do this by sending cards, making phone calls, visiting, bringing flowers and/or a prayer bear, or giving a prayer blanket. Prayer bears sit in a pew in the church and prayer blankets are available that can be personalized with the recipients name.

Prayer Blankets

prayer blanketWe currently have 12 different colors available. An embroidered red- rimmed white heart that has a cross and flame, praying hands, and the intended person’s name on it is appliqued to a corner of the blanket. The blanket is then put on the altar for the congregation to pray over before it is given to the person. The blankets are 50” by 70” and cost $18.00. You can place your order between the two services in the church narthex (a sample is available), email us at, or call the church office.

Prayer Bears

Any teddy bear that comes into our thrift shop or that is donated is placed on a pew in the church. These bears have witnessed fellowship, heard songs of praise, listened to prayers, and experienced the Word of God being read and proclaimed. When one receives a prayer bear, it comes with love and prayers from the entire Faith UMC congregation.

Cards, Calls, and Visits

We mail out cards, make phone calls, and visit those who are not able to attend services, to cheer them up and to let them know that God loves them. We also mail out postcards thanking our first-time guests for joining us in worship, and experiencing the Word of God. We also mail out “Home Touch” information to those in nursing homes or assisted-living. It’s a double-sided page that consists of a short story, word games or puzzles, and suggested Bible readings for the week.

Altar Flowers

Our members sign up to purchase flowers for the altar to the Glory of God, in remembrance of a loved one, or to celebrate a birthday, or an anniversary. If the member does not take the flowers with them, the flower arrangement is divided into smaller arrangements and delivered to those who need, as a cheerful reminder that they are not alone – God & Faith UMC love them.